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«Einem» - «Red October»
Prizes & awards

Modern time / 1998

In 1998 we took part in 18 international and russian exhibitions, fairs and contests, provided by Goverment of Russia, Moscow, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our chocolate, sweets, caramel was marked by diplomas, golden, silver and bronze medals.

  • Diploma and Gold medal of fair in Nizhni Novgorod for the chocolates «Red October», «Fairy tales of Pushkin», «Russia-troika», «Raisin» and chocolate kit.
  • Award «AntROCIT», for best corporative site by version of ROCIT, March.
  • Diploma and Gold medal at Plovdiv fair (Bulgaria) for seven kinds of chocolate: porous «Glory», «Konyok-gorbunok» «Peter the Greate», «Sadko» and dark «Presidential», «Red October», «Capital».
  • Diploma and Gold medal in Moscow exhibition «Russian foodstuff» for the chocolate «Navy», caramel «Alyonka» and «Bullfinchs», sweets «Lyubit - ne lyubit», kit of sweets «The Temple of Christ the Saviour».
  • The honourable diploma of «Label - Russian Style - 98» competition for the series of labels for chocolate «Fairy Tales of Pushkin», March
  • Diploma and Silver medal of fair in Nizhni Novgorod for the 16 kinds of production, chocolate, sweets, iris «Krepish», kit of sweets, dragee. Diploma and Bronze medal we tooks for three kinds - chocolate, sweets «Golden domes» and «Sudariki».
  • We took part in competition «100 best Goods of Russia» and took Diploma of laureate. Was signed the chocolate in assortment, chocolate paste «Mishka» and chocolate kit in all kinds of design. The Diploma of Finalist we tooks for the sweets in assortment, caramel in assortment, fruit candy in assortment.
  • Honorary title «Public mark» by results of wide-ranging public-opinion poll of people of Russia, September 1998
  • We also took part in competitions for the quality of products. Our sweets «Mishka Kosolapiy», «Little Red Riding Hood», «Melody» tooks a higher estimations and diploma «The Moscow Quality»
  • At the exhibition «Russian foodstuff» conducts the competition for the design of wrapping, where we tooks a Diploma of 1st degree for the wrapping of New Year gift and Diploma of 2th degree for the wrappings «Azbuka» and «Domik» of caramel.
  • At the II Moscow exhibition-tasting, where many Moscow confectionery plant tooks part, we were present 9 kinds of our products (chocolate, sweets, caramel, gift assortment «Russian tunes»). All it tooks the Diploma of 1st degree.
  • At the Moscow exhibition «The Agroindustrial Complex of Russia» we were awarded by Diploma and Gold medal for the 3 kinds of products - line of chocolate «Lubimiy», collection of chocolate sweets «Capital», caramel «Chudo-Klukovka».
  • We took also an important award «Leader of industry» of international program «Partnership for the progress».