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To president of the «Moscow confectionery factory «Red October» Daurskiy A.N.

To collective of the workers of factory

Dear Anatoliy Nikolaevich!

Dear comrades!

I welcome and I support the offers and initiative of collective of the Moscow confectionery factory «Red October» on revival of a metropolitan industry and increase of its image in the Russian commodity market.

The work of your enterprise, its participation in the decision of city tasks and social problems deserves a high estimation. To a bright volume an example has become city children's competition - festival «Sweet fairy tales - 98», which has passed under the motto «Towards to the World youthful games».

The mass involving of children in this unforgettable holiday has allowed not only to open their creative opportunities, but also to show industrial achievement of the enterprise - leader of a confectionery industry.

Accept sincere wishes of successful realization of the programs, planned by your enterprise, creative and business atmosphere in collective.

The government of Moscow hopes for the further joint cooperation, including in the decision of city tasks.

the mayor of Moscow.

What a lot of joy I had, a small girl, when I received as a gift a large box of chocolates from Sergei, my neighbour! I hung chocolate figures on the New-Year'a tree. Pretty and tasty toys quickly disappeared from the tree. Who ate them? Only I knew that. I liked that sweet life very much.

Though 26 years have passed since those December events. I'm grown-up now, but the chocolates box is still with me. Sweet memory. Both children and adults know that sweet life can be only with the "Red October" factory!

Zueva Yelena Veniaminovna, Moscow.
Excerpts from her letter to the factory. 19.12.95

March 10/1994

Mr. Anatolii Nikolaevich Daurskii
General Director Moscow Confectionery Factory
«Red October»

Dear Anatolii:

Thank You for the great chocolates from your factory/They were delicious. It was kind of you to remember me and my family with such a special gift. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Bill Clinton

Please accept words of my thankfulness and gratitude to all your collective for a parcel of diabetic sweets for my children you have send to our address. Our family is so touched by your sympathy, kindness and cordiality which have become so scarce these days. Your deed is an example of understanding and consideration for people. I would like to bow low and sincerely thank you that you have spared time for us.

Zhbannikova Tatyana Dmitrievna,
stanitsa (a large Cossack village) Vioshenskaya.
Excerpts from the letter to the factory on 10.04.95

"Partnership Einem" long ago became a modern JSC "Red October". By the way, the Government of Moscow has a large block of shares of the largest enterprise. Probably, that is why, Yuri Luzhkov likes to visit it so much. So, when visiting the factory last week Luzhkov was interested in all details of production since in the government of the capital they are quite sure that one can quite do without imported confectionery if they have only this factory alone where highquality products are produced.

Technology and design of the most popular brands of chocolate and sweets has been maintained here for over 100 years!

"Tverskaya, 13" newspaper of March 1996.
Excerpts from the article by Ekaterina Chapova.

Winners of the competition "Moscow Businessman'94" were declared: "Inzhtekhstroi"... Join-Stock Company Confectionery Factory "Red October", a state enterprise in the recent past, now it is largest producer of confectionery in Russia. The firm's style of this enterprise is a combination of old traditions and the most up-to-date technology and ecological purity of products.

Excerpts from the article "The second generation of winners"
(Results of the "Moscow Businessman" competition),
"Moskovskaya Pravda" newspaper, 2 February, 1995.

Everybody at the factory is particularly proud of the new line for production of a favorite chocolate beast of the middle zone - "Mishka Kosolapy" (Pigeon-Toed Bear). The are not either dull green walls or iron monsters in the department where it is produced. The department is completely computerized. One involuntarily asks himself how they managed to purchase such a splendid gadget? It appeared that they had bought the line on the money obtained from the last emission. Frankly speaking, "Red October" issued and sold another portion of shares and purchased the equipment for the money earned. So, shareholders can sleep well: their money works triple shift pumping new dividends.

Excerpts from the article
"Pigeon-Toed Bear set off a journey around the world",
"Center Plus" newspaper, No 21, May 1996.

To workers, office workers and specialists of
Moscow Confectionery Factory "Red October"

Dear Friends,

Sincerely congratulate you with glorious jubilee in the life of your factory. 125 years have passed since its establishment. Such an enviable longevity is a convincing evidence of skill and talent of many generations of confectioners. Today "Red October" is the largest factory in Russia. Neither children nor adults remain indifferent to its trade-mark. It deservedly enjoys good name and high reputation both in this country and abroad.

With all may heart I wish you success, creative finds, belief, strength!

B. Yeltsyn

Excerpts from the congratulation of B. N. Yeltsyn,
President of Russia. October, 1992.