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Chocolate Club

Confectionary products with olympic symbolics

Preparing to the World youthful games, collective of factory "Red October" has prepared and has let out wide assortment of confectionery products with olympic symbolics both for young sportsmen, and for muscovites and visitors of capital.

It is five variants of design of 100g slab chocolate "Sport", on which labels the representatives of various kinds of sport are represented; a set of small slab chocolate with a views of cities, where there passed olympic games; a set of chocolate medals with an inscription "the World youthful games, Moscow 1998". The medals are stacked in box, reminding school pencil-box. On it the Emblem of Moscow, with another - symbolics of the World youthful games, and at the centre - panoramic view of our capital, in which foreground Moscow Kremlin on the one hand is represented. With olympic by symbolics are issued in sale peanuts. Per days of realization of the World youthful games in all firm shops "Red October" the sweet goods will be on sale with the special stitch - in, on which are represented olympic symbolics and widely smiling good-natured ours Bear. On the return party the historical information of olympic movement is given. At closing the World youthful games in Luzhniki, where the wide sale of confectionery products of factory "Red October" will be organized, a ring will become chocolate fancy-dress ball with participation ours fantastic Little Red Riding Hood.

Dear buyers! Visit firm shops "Red October". There there is everything, that it is necessary. Successful to you of purchase!


The box in which are 24 slabs of chocolate "Celebratory", attracts in itself attention not only by large size, but first of all by original design, which is devoted to the history of olympic movement. On each label of 15g chocolate is represented the city where olympic games passed. The set begins with header slab on which olympic multi-coloured rings of five continents, and hardly above - colour of the Russian flag - white, dark blue, red, below - inscription "Olympic committee of Russia". Cities further follow: Athens-1896, Paris-1900, Sent-Louis-1904, London-1908, Stockholm-1912, Antverpen-1920, Paris-1924, Amsterdam-1928, Los-Angeles-1932, Berlin-1936, London-1948, Helsinki-1952, Melbourn-1956, Rim-1960, Tokyo-1964, Mexico-1968, Munich-1972, Monreal-1976, Moscow-1980, Los-Angeles-1984, Seul-1988, Barcelona-1992, Atlanta-1996.

The owner of such box, by looking on external design of a set of chocolate, undoubtedly will feel breath of olympic movement, but most important - will feel aroma and pleasant taste of chocolate "Celebratory", containing a plenty of tonic substances. Its power value - 533 kkal. Shelf time is six months.


Good souvenir for the young sportsmen, Muscovites and visitors of capital is 100g slab dessert chocolate "Sport" issued in special decorating to the World youthful games. On a label with olympic symbolics the sportsmens in struggle for achievement of high results are represented. Only five kinds.

The bright, colourful label, stamped by gold, gives slab of chocolate an elegant appearance. As to quality of the chocolate, the numerous awards received at various exhibitions and fairs testify to it where this grade of chocolate was demonstrated. Its structure: grated cocoa, cocoa-oil, sugar, emulsifier (lecithin 322), aromatic substances (vanillin). 100g slab contains: 3,6g of albumens, 37,1 of fats, 54,8 of carbohydrates. Power value 558 kkal. Shelf time is 12 months at temperature 15-21C and relative humidity 75%.