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For investors

Reputation of company

«Expert» magazine and «Expert-RA» rating agency have prepared next annual rating of the russian companies

In a «Expert» magazine #16 from April 27, 1998 was published an annual rating «Expert-100» of the rissian companies reputation. By the respondents of interrogation 284 managing workers from Moscow and St.-Petersburg working in various branches of business have acted. By the structure responders were high-educated people (76.9 % interrogated), various age (but in overwhelming majority are more senior 30 years - 94.9 %), man (85.5 % of the respondents).

At an initial stage 300 largest Russian companies were considered, from which the respondents have chosen 70 most known, and 30 have got in number considered from a last year's rating. Rather these 100 companies also were carried out рейтинговое research. The respondents estimated reputation of the companies on several individual parameters, which then were shown in the final table with a total rating.

As the analysts of «Expert» notice, in comparison with the last year a level of reputation of banks strongly has decreased, and positions of the enterprises of a food-processing industry appreciablly have become stronger, and it, in opinion of the same analysts, meets the real successes of branch actively expanding the market and increasing manufacture, and also that the branches managed to be kept best-selling old Russian products - brandnames with warm domestic image (like «Mishka Kosolapiy»).

«Red October» has occupied worthy place in private sections of rating:

  • "Presence in the company of a highly skilled management" - on the first place

  • "The possession of well-recognized image" - on the first place

  • "Skill to set tone to be the leader in the branch" - on the second place the ambassador of a factory «Crystal»

  • "Success in a gain of the Russian market" - on the first place

  • "Appeal to the investments" - on the third place the ambassador «Gazprom» and «Lukoil»

  • "The most attractive companies" - on the third place after «Baltika» beer factory and «Crystal» factory

  • "Appeal of the company as place of work for the specialist" - on the sixth place the ambassador «Gazprom», Incombank, Oneksimbank, «Lukoil» and Sberbank of Russian Federation.

  • "Ability to get in business community support in an astable situation" - on the second place after the Moscow railway

  • "Success in a gain of the foreign market" - on the eighteenth place (we shall remind - from 100). However and on this parameter we, in opinion of the respondents, have overtaken such companies as «Aeroflot», «Menatep» and «Rot Front»

In summary section of a rating «Red October» is on the third place, by moving with the sixth place on third in comparison with the last 1997 and conceding only «Gazprom» and «Crystal» factory.

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